Barton Technology
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Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive solutions and services to optimize business processes for each customer

  • Build and maintain the highest level of trust and confidence in our customer relationships
  • Offer a variety of relevant services, technologies, expertise and methodologies to present the optimal solution to each of our client’s particular needs.
  • Hire and maintain an experienced, trained, talented, and highly motivated workforce that is very committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Provide significant support and involvement in community outreach services.
The mission statement ensures that we offer the very best in a broad array of high quality and cost effective IT solutions that enable our clients to increase their competitiveness, improve operational efficiencies and protect critical business information. BTE believes strongly in core values: Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Education and Community
Core Values
We will be forthright, honest and open in all of our dealings inside and outside of the company.  We will work hard to foster an atmosphere of trust and openness between our clients and BTE, and amongst one another.
We will take ownership and responsibility for the things we do and for the things we fail to do. The success of BTE hinges on the timely and effective contributions of each and every member of the team
Each member of the BTE team should make continuing education whether formal or informal, a priority. It is imperative that we do this to ensure that we remain competitive in disciplines that change daily